Holy Trinity
Serbian Orthodox Mission
Fairmont, WV

Bulletin 84 - December 17/December 30, 2004

The Orthodox Mission

The Orthodox Mission

Chronicle of the Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Mission
Diocesan Bishop - His Grace Bishop Dr. MITROPHAN
Aministrator - Fr. Rodney Torbic
408 Morgantown Avenue
Fairmont, West Virginia 26544

December 17/December 30, 2004
Abbot Paisius and Deacon Abbacum of Serbia
No. 84
Phone 724-966-7428
Phone 304-534-5321
Phone 304-622-3681

Romans 8:16

The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God.


Eight people came to Divine Liturgy on December 13, 2004. One communicant.

Mary Trbovich accumulates many miles driving from Clarksville, Pennsylvania to the Mission.

Sharren Paroda did quite a bit of work for the bake sales at the Mission.

Friend of the Mission, Steve Milos Klipa, fell asleep in the Lord on December 20, 2004.

The Nativity Fast continues until the Feast of the Nativity of Jesus Christ on January 7.

Let us remember the men and women serving in the military and their families.

Let us remember the suffering Serbian People in Kosovo and Metohija.

Let us give thanks to God for the blessings bestowed upon the Mission.

The best way to help the Mission is to live an Orthodox Christian life each day.

Reading the Bible daily is of benefit to believers.

Being familiar with the saints and feasts celebrated by the Church is important for Orthodox Christians.

Repentance is an integral part of the Orthodox way of life.

Prayer and fasting are an integral part of the Orthodox way of life.

A report was submitted in behalf of the Mission at the recent Pittsburgh Deanery Meeting on Christian Education.

Let us remember those who are homebound, in care homes, hospitals, rehab centers, jails and prisons. Let us also remember the caregivers and employees.

An Orthodox Christian Radio Program can be heard Sundays at 12:15 PM or 6:20 PM on WMBS, Uniontown, Pa. 590 on the AM Dial.

From the Desert Fathers

A brother asked Abba Sisoes, 'Did Satan pursue them like this in the early days?' The old man said to him, 'He does this more at the present time, because his time is nearly finished and he is enraged.'

Notes on Divine Liturgy XIV
Emphasis on Litany after Great Entrance

Serbian Orthodox Bishop of Eastern America Dr. MITROPHAN.
The Teachings of Saint Apostle Paul on the Church.
Translation Protopresbyter Stefan Zaremba. 2001, pp. 63-64.

If the Holy Spirit is the "soul of the Church", then He should be the soul of each Christian in the Church. Not only this, He also brings about that our members work in accordance with all of the members of the Church, with the Body of Christ. When man feels in himself the Holy Spirit, then he will be conscious of how valuable he was before and that he is rich only in Him. He will be conscious that he was purchased for a great price, and that he is no longer his own, but God's (I Cor.6:20; cf. 7:23; I Pet.1:19-20; Gal. 3:13; Rev. 4:14). He will be humble before all the members and will give glory to the entire Body, and especially to the head of the Church, Christ.

Proto Stavrofor Dr. Nedeljko Grgurevich.
The Eucharist as Sacrifice.
Johnstown, Pa.1993, p. 72.

All present in the church should prepare for the Canon of the Eucharist with prayerful tremor and ardor; to prayerfully await the central part of the eucharistic mystery and central part of the liturgical life with Christ. For that reason the priest, in the prayer after placing the divine gifts on the Holy Table, prays: "Accept also the prayer of us sinners, and bear it to Thy holy altar; and enable us to offer unto Thee gifts and spiritual sacrifices for our sins and for the errors which Thy people have committed through ignorance." Here the priest addresses Christ who "became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey Him" (Heb.5:9).

Very Reverend Protos Stavrophor Vojislav Dosenovich.
On the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.
Omaha, Nebraska, p. 24

The litany after the Great Entrance is the litany of preparation of the faithful for declaration of Faith(the Creed) and the transubstantiation of the Holy Gifts into the Body and Blood of the Lord. All of this is the call for ever higher level of concentration to prayer of the faithful. Now we hear the call from the Altar: "Let us complete our prayer unto the Lord." Meaning to complete our preparation for the act of Transubstantiation. This is the prayer for a higher degree of perfection.

C. Zvegintzov.
Our Mother Church-Her Worship and Offices.
Russian Orthodox Church of America, Department of Education, New York, New York, 1968
pp. 50-51.

The deacon comes out to say the litany of supplication, for "the precious gifts" that are presented and for spiritual mercies. At these solemn moments we need them specially. After the litany we are again reminded of what each of us should offer to God to make the Sacrifice perfect: peace, love for one another, unity in faith. The priest says: "Peace be to you all," and the deacon adds: "Let us love one another, that with one mind we may confess..." "Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the consubstantial and undivided Trinity," reply the choir, for us all. We stand as one family before God, we confess our common faith in Him the Father of us all.
Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Mission, Fairmont, West Virginia
December 17/December 30, 2004

Fr. Rodney Torbic

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