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Bulletin 282 - November 8 / 21, 2015

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Chronicle of the Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Mission
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Diocesan Bishop - His Grace Bishop Dr. MITROPHAN
Aministrator - Fr. Rodney Torbic

Bulletin No. 282

November 8 / 21, 2015

Synaxis of Holy Archangel Michael

2 Thessalonians 2:13

But we are bound to give thanks alway to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord,
because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth.

Twelve people came for Third and Sixth Hours and Divine Liturgy on November 7, 2015. One communicant. A parastos was held for all persons buried under auspices of the Mission.

Mike Danko, Troy and Michael Tennant attended the Farmington #9 Memorial on November 15, 2015 .

Wayne Kirby organized the Marine Birthday Celebration on November 10.

Congratulations to Carlos Godbey on advancing in his career.

Vespers and class are scheduled for Tuesday November 17 at 6:30 PM.

The next Divine Liturgy is scheduled for December 5 at 10:00 AM.

Support Marion County CASA where Vesna Prodanovich Meinert is Director providing important help to children in need.

Food goods continue to be collected for the needy in Marion County.

Remember and appreciate the workers in mines, law-enforcement, corrections, probation and parole and firefighters, all working in dangerous occupations.

Remember and appreciate the men and women serving in the military and their families.

Remember the sick, the suffering, the imprisoned, those in rehab centers, the homebound, and the mentally ill. Appreciate their caretakers and the institution staffs.

If you have a question about the services or teachings of the Church ask the priest.

Important Dates

November 22 - St. George Church Choir Slava celebrated-Covered dish dinner and program.
November 28 - Nativity Fast begins

If you are Too Busy to Pray, You are Too Busy!

The Nativity Fast

The Nativity Fast provides Orthodox Christians with a structured opportunity to focus exclusively on their relationship with Jesus Christ. The Nativity Fast is a set period of time leading to the celebration of the Feast of the Nativity of Jesus Christ.

Beginning in late November and running until the Divine Liturgy on January 7, Orthodox Christians are called to fast and increase their attention on the condition of their souls. The Nativity Fast is a time for each believer to assess how well he or she is holding true to the commitment made at Holy Baptism.

The Nativity Fast is a time to repent and seek the Kingdom of God. It is a time to seriously prepare for Holy Confession and Communion. The Nativity Fast is something each believer is to welcome, to embrace and participate in. The Fast is to be honored through its entirety.

Fasting is something serious. Fasting is a spiritual discipline to heighten one’s awareness of the presence of God. Fasting is a spiritual discipline that helps the believer to focus on and think about God.

Believers take on a great responsibility when they “put on Christ” at Holy Baptism. At Baptism, believers express whole-hearted belief in Jesus Christ as King and as God. The full body of the newly baptized Christian is dedicated to a life in Christ. The person is sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit at Holy Chrismation.

The Nativity of Jesus Christ changed the world forever. Time is marked historically as preceding or following Jesus Christ’s birth. A certain fullness of time is marked at Christ’s birth. (Gal. 4:4)

Great joy is associated with the birth of Jesus Christ (Lk. 2:10) The Nativity Fast is a time to recapture that joy…the joy of Christ in the heart...the joy of rebirth in Christ…of renewal in Christ.

Fasting involves abstaining from certain types of food, of reducing the intake of food. Fasting involves abstaining from activities which harm or imperil our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Preparations for the Feast of the Nativity of Jesus Christ engage people from throughout the world. Believers on every continent are summoned to hold true to the Nativity Fast.

The Feast of the Nativity is a time for rejoicing. Bozic-Christmas is a special time of the year! The home of every believer takes on the special “air” of the feast. Families know that this time…this Day…these Days of the Nativity are different...very special.

The celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ is paramount. The Church services leading to the Feast of the Nativity and the services at the time of the Nativity bring the joy of the Feast to the fore. At the Holy Divine Liturgy, believers come to experience Christ in the newness that only Christ brings.

The Nativity Fast is an investment in the Kingdom of God. Believers fully participating in Fast seek the Kingdom. They put the Kingdom of God first in their lives. They keep Jesus Christ first and foremost in their hearts.

This year and every year it is time to fully keep the Nativity Fast. At Holy Baptism believers come to the fount with the best of intentions. The newly baptized person rises from the baptismal fount with the fullest of commitment to Christ.

Now is the time to enter the joy of the Lord. Now is the time to experience the fullness of Christ. Now is the time to fast, to pray and to seek the Kingdom of God.

Father Rodney Torbic

Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Mission, Fairmont, West Virginia.
November 8 / 21, 2015

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